Enjoy the Power Across the Board with Apple Promo Code


The new Mac pro is all you need to enjoy your life. It delivers about 12 processing cores that is 24 virtual cores and it has 60GB/s memory bandwidths that will guarantee you enjoy your audio and your movies in a the highest speed possible.

Macbook pro
Macbook pro

Connecting to the next generation I/O technologies

The new Mac pro comes with an ultrafast PCIe a based flash storage that loads all your instruments, loops, and samples of your virtual instruments in an instant. The six thunderbolts 2 ports and the 4 UBS 3 ports helps to redefine the meaning of expansions and hence it connects up to about 36 best audio devices from the Avid, M-Audio, MOTU, Apogee, universal Audio and many more. This gives you the beauty of enjoying your music from any device with apple app coupon code.

Video Editing

For those who love video editing with the 4k performance you have the right tool at your disposal. Work pixel to pixel and without having to slow down with the dual AMD firePro workstation class of the GPUs and the newest Xeon E5 processors in the new Mac Pro. This merger runs 8 pictures in the picture streams of the 4k videos all at once and in the final cut PRO X. You can combine this with the power of the drive and enjoy a real video editing powerhouse.

With the Mac Pro, you have the power to connect your SAN without being limited to the set numbers of the PCI express slots. Add your video, broadcast monitors or just anything that will be required for your workflow and with the HDMI outputs it is easy for you to use the 4k TV as your external monitor.

Benefit from your audio and video editing workflow with the highest technology found in the new Mac Pro with Apple promo code 2015.