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Iphone 6 came in the market with more efficient operating system that allow it make a better performance than other cellphone in the market. If you want to experience unique apps you need to own an iPhone 6. Iphone 6 is now available at discounted prices when you use Apple coupon code.

iphone 6

The most advanced mobile operating system in the world has made a huge leap when it became a part and parcel of iPhone 6. The iOS 8 operating system has new functions and capabilities to make you do fabulous things with your smart phone.

You can subscribe Siri app and control other of your Apple devices Keep your health and fitness by subscribing your situation in health and fitness apps that are provided by Apple. This makes it easy for you to communicate with your doctor and receive a diagnosis without going to hospital. There are a plenty of apps are available if you have a smart phone as iPhone 6. Get one at discounted cost with Apple coupon code iPhone 6.

Messaging in iOS 8
Messaging in iOS 8

The unique and interesting feature of iOS 8 makes you to have better and useful experience with Apple coupon code. The operating system is designed following a surprising way for you to send instant messages without any effort. You can add some kinds of sound to your message conversation. Messaging in iOS 8 gives you an amazing opportunity that helps you capture any sound, song, big laugh and a song and make it part of an entertaining and amazing conversation. You just need to simply touch and hold a new microphone button and then record the kind of message you desire. After recording, you should save and send the message.

Buy the iPhone 6 today at lower prices with Apple coupon code and enjoy your cool life.

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