How to Clean Your Iphone Safely

Your iphone is your whole life. It has all your information and contact that are vital for your daily activities and it is important to keep it clean and shinning all the times. Moreover, ensuring your iphone be clean and clear also helps prolong the durability of your iPhone.

Keep your iPhone clean and clear
Keep your iPhone clean and clear

The materials used to clean your iphone should be exclusively designed for that purpose. Here are some of must knows before you start cleaning your iPhone.

  • You should buy a soft and lint free cloth: This is perfect for preventing damage to your iphone. You should never use abrasive cloths, paper towels, or even towels.
  • You should unplug all the external cables, power sources and devices before you start your cleaning
  • Youd better avoid any liquid contact with your iphone hence keep away all the liquid products when cleaning your iPhone.
  • Do not let any moisture get into any of your iphone openings and do not use abrasives, solvents, and aerosol sprays since the front glass surface of your iphone has an oleophobic coating.

It is important to clean your iphone once it gets into contact with any kind of contamination that may cause it to stain. Such contamination includes but not limited to makeup, dirt, oils, food, inks, dyes, and even lotions. And in the case you want to remove fingerprints from your loved iPhone, you should wipe the surface with a soft and line free cloth. This will prevent the ability of the coating to repel. To clean the buttons of the iphone you just wipe it clean with a soft cloth and remove all the dirt without scrubbing or rubbing hard. In case your iphone gets into direct contact with any liquid, take it back to Apple shop for professional care with Apple coupon code 2015.

Keep your iphone clean all the time and enjoy your apps in a clean and fresh smelling iphone with Apple coupon right now!