How to Disinfect your Macbook with Apple Promo Codes

In addition to your normal and regular cleaning of your Macbook input devices like the track pads, keyboards and the mouse, it is important that you disinfect them every now and then.

Disinfect your Macbook reguarly
Disinfect your Macbook reguarly

First of all, you need to use the Lysol wipes or the Clorox kitchen disinfecting wipes. In this step, remember not excessively damp your cleaning wipes and you can squeeze the wipe to remove the excess dampness. Secondly, please take note of the dos and dont when you disinfect your loved Macbook:

The Dos

  • Make sure that you turn off your Macbook and unplug all the power cord from the power strip or the wall. Remove the battery form the portables or the wireless keyboards and the mice before you start your cleaning process.
  • You should use a disinfectant wipe to first wipe your mouse, keyboard or any other part and then move to a damp and a soft and yet lint free cloth and end the process with a dry and a lint free cloth to dry off.

The Donts

  • You should avoid using any disinfectant wipes that contains any bleach or any disinfectant spray.
  • Do not allow any liquid from your disinfectant wipes or the cloth to sit or to pool on your Mac area when you are cleaning for a long time. The liquid might drop inside the hardware and cause a problem.
  • Avoid using to the rough towels or any cloths to dry your machine. This might cause scratches.
  • Avoid using excessive force when you are disinfecting the area around the keyboards since you might damage the keys.

Take good care of your Macbook that you buy with Apple promo codes and ensure that you do not cause harm as you disinfecting by following the correct procedure all the time.