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Besides the introduction of the MacBook 12 “new, Apple is also upgraded configuration on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro13” Retina. Specifically, both of them will be equipped with CPU Core i5 or i7 5th generation of Intel, Thunderbolt 2 ports for data transmission speed Flash memory faster and faster speeds twice before. In addition, MacBook Pro 13 “Retina is more similar to human touch MacBook 12 “new. Moreover, it increases the battery life up to 10 hours MBP.

A new MacBook becomes outstanding because of new generation Force Touch pad, extremely speed processor with new technologies, and operating the most advanced computer – X Yosemite system:

  • New generation Force Touch pad:

With 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro, you will experience a completely new feeling with Touch Pad manipulation of the machine. Using four sensors located in the new Force 4 corners. The trackpad is usually very difficult to get the press operation at the location near the keyboard. Force sensors will detect where you touch the trackpad surface. In addition, new Trackpad vibration sensor creates vibration feedback when we touch, similar to other devices.

  • Extreme speed processor with new technologies:

With the combination of Intel dual-core processor and fifth-generation quad-core, the speed processor is raising which is compared with previous generations, PCIe Flash memory, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac connection with Retina display help machine perfectly able to handle high-performance ultra-fast, despite running multiple programs simultaneously. From editing to browsing photos, everything was handled smoothly and super-fast and still saving battery.

  • Operating the most advanced computer – X Yosemite system:

The most of the advantages of the hardware from your Mac is all that is described in this operating system. With a combination of powerful hardware and modern software, MacBook Pro will be the workhorse in your daily work.

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